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balloon boy hoax
Balloon Boy Hoax Father, Now…

When Richard Heene appeared on Larry King Live, he tried…

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free sex
Small Solutions Make the Biggest…

There is a new initiative to take prostitutes off the…

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The Health Care Reform Sacrifices

A few items on the table for health care reform…

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worlds dumbest
World’s Dumbest Criminal

I love watching the Smoking Gun Presents: World’s Dumbest Criminal…

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conspiracy theory
Oh, That Was a Joke

I was watching a 1980’s skit the other day on…

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gun control
John Collett Court Proceedings Are…

The supposed victim is Bruce Greer.  He seems to have…

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Party Crashers at the White…

Ah, that line from the Star Spangled Banner, “Bombs bursting…

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The Greatest Police Technique That…

Police are taught a good bit of techniques.  They are…

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