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Olivia Wilde Makes Jaws Drop At Warner Bros. CinemaCon

Olivia Wilde knows how to turn heads. From dancing to support Harry Styles while he was on stage at Coachella to hearing him talk about how ashamed he was about sex until he met her, we get our fill of interesting headlines from her. But this one has the news gang salivating at the bits.

It was at the Warner Brothers CinemaCon where Olivia Wilde was teasing her new film Don’t Worry Darling. And don’t worry! She didn’t just direct it, but she’s also in it. So, there’s that. The movie is about a 1950s utopian experimental community where Harry Styles is the husband and Florence Pugh is the wife. The experiment is supposed to have a positive impact on the world and change it as we know it, but something is amiss in this little world where housewives are expected to stay home while their husbands go to work.

That’s what I’m getting from the several descriptions I’ve read and the trailer, which by the way is quite steamy. I think you can expect a good bit of sex from this movie and I guess, Harry Styles has gotten over his shame because it looks like he’s in most of steamy scenes.

Trivia: It’s rumored that Shia LeBeouf was supposed to play the part of Jack, but caused problems in pre-production so Olivia gave him the boot and grabbed the first guy she could find to take his place. Lo and behold, that was her boyfriend.

olivia wilde

It wasn’t just the highly steamy trailer that had CinemaCon attendees all hot and bothered. It’s what happened while Olivia Wilde was on stage presenting it.

A person from the audience came up and handed Olivia a manilla envelope. She continued with the interview she was having with host Aisha Tyler, but she held the envelope as if it was something important. It was as if she was expecting to receive it.

olivia wilde

What’s in the envelope, Olivia? Show us what’s in the envelope!

That has the rumors flying in the gossip mill. Was it an unsolicited script? Is it nude photos of her from someone trying to blackmail her? We don’t know.

And that’s how things get started. The rumor mill can keep putting out guess after guess, but there’s only one way to quell the gossip monster. Tell us what’s in the envelope!

Come to find out, it was child custody papers. Wow! What a move? Jason Sudeikis says he had no idea that was going to happen and he wouldn’t have condoned it. Just wow!

By the way, how many talents does Harry Styles have now? It’s not fair.

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