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Old John McKay Reference Gets Coach Brian Kelly In Hot Water

It was late last night when the Notre Dame vs Florida State game finally came to an end. In overtime, Notre Dame finally came out on top with a 41 to 38 win. That’s when Katie George pulled Brian Kelly to the side and asked about the game.

In an off-the-cuff remark, Coach Kelly made a reference to an old John McKay joke and made the world go mad. Before we watch the interview, let’s talk about the joke first. So many people who reacted to Coach Kelly hadn’t even heard of the John McKay version before.

When asked, “What do you think of your team’s execution, coach?” Coach McKay replied, “I’m in favor of it.”

Now that you have some background, listen to Coach Kelly reference it:

You would have thought it was the end of the world. Journalists fired questions at him about his remark. What did he mean by that? Did he think it was funny? Given the time that we live in, did he think it was appropriate? No doubt a few mothers called and made their opinions heard because you know, jokes are illegal now or something.

At this point, most celebrities would be apologizing. They would be Instatweeting full essay responses about how it was insensitive of them, given the time we live in, and nothing like that will ever happen again. If Brian Kelly would listen to me for a second, don’t do any of that. It was a joke. We’re still allowed to tell them these days.

However, how could Coach Kelly be mad at all? His team had just won 41 to 38. It was a battle to the end, and they were up against a tough team that kept hitting back. Notre Dame showed the heart to hang in there and pull off the win in the face of a tough team who was coming at them with everything they had.

Execution? Execution?

Not all games are pretty. Not all games can be wrapped up and tied off with a cute little bow. Some of them are going to get nasty. Some of them are going to go to the end with both teams wanting it. That’s when you find out which team wants it more.

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