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Officer Takes Down Speeding Biker And Ends His Life (Video)

What was the thought process? When you see the video, you’ll see a belligerent biker who is all over the road. He’s speeding and he’s going through red lights.

The officer is behind him with the lights on. He’s talking to the driver through the intercom system trying to reason with the driver to pull over. But, the biker is ignoring all the warnings.

Is that a good reason to pull a PIT maneuver on a bike? When a PIT maneuver is pulled on a speeding driver in a car, it’s dangerous. But on a bike, it can kill the biker. In fact, it does that in this video.

Officers have tough decisions to make when they are out there dealing with people. Sometimes, those decisions need to be made fast. The biker was clearly putting other people in danger and he needed stopped. There is no doubt about that.

But, the biker died that night. Calling backup and figuring it out with a handful of other officers might have led to a biker getting stopped and no one getting hurt.

Some of you will say the officer did the right thing because the biker deserved it. Some of you will say the biker didn’t deserve to die. There are always going to be people on both sides of every issue.

But, the fact is that this video is brutal to watch. The officer makes a decision and it costs a man his life that night. Whether you believe the officer did the right thing or not, it’s a hard video to get through.

Watch it at your own risk! If you are easily upset by graphic images, you might just want to take my word for it that the officer caused the biker to crash. But, the video makes that point very clear.

PIT Maneuver On A Bike

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