Christmas gift ideas
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Offbeat Christmas Gift Ideas To Break Free From The Norm

Christmas gift ideas normally come from listening to someone and hearing them when they say what they want. They could say it in July or they could drop a hint in September. Catching those hints and getting those Christmas gifts, we get to play hero for a day.

But there are always those people in our lives who are hard to get. They have everything. They don’t drop hints. When they do talk about wanting something, it’s most likely something we can’t get them. How do you buy someone something that hasn’t even been invented yet?

That’s part of the dilemma we’re going to solve today. Another one is for the people who are tired of the same boring gifts. In the list of gifts for men is a tie, that he’ll never wear. In the list of women is perfume, a big no-no if you know any women. They will all tell you not to buy them perfume UNLESS it was one of those hints they dropped. In that case, you better make sure you get it right and get her EXACTLY what she said.

To get away from the boring and make this year a little more exciting, here are some great Christmas gift ideas that will be memorable for years to come…

Voice Activated LED Face Mask

If they’re going to make people wear a mask in certain places, have fun with it. It’s a Voice-Activated LED Face Mask so it lights up when you speak. There are different settings so you can really have a good time with it. It takes a small lithium battery and it comes with that so you can take it out of the package and you’re ready to go.


For the dog lover, MyPupSocks fall perfectly under personalized gifts. Take a picture of their dog and give them a pair of socks with the dog’s face all over them. Of course, you can put any face on the socks. Put your own face on there if you want. It really doesn’t have to be a dog’s face at all.

Let’s Take MyPupSocks To Another Level

In the gifts for men category comes another product from the MyPupSocks brand. You can put your face on his underwear. This isn’t the only design. There are plenty to choose from if you’d like your man to wear your face everywhere his sensitive area goes.

Of Course There’s One For Women As Well

You can go with the multi-face underwear design like the one seen here or there are other designs to go with. Of course, this design is the tame one. The other designs get rather naughty and I think you’ll love the selection.

Anal Chocolates

Christmas gift ideas

Yes! These actually exist. If you know someone with a great sense of humor, give them some Milk Chocolate Edible Anus. They are made of pure milk chocolate. So, that’s a plus and the recipient can think about that while they’re biting into the life-size sculpture of an anus.

Coffee, Or Whiskey…Whatever!

Christmas gift ideas

Of course, this offbeat list of Christmas gift ideas wouldn’t be complete without an idea of my own. Coffee cups have always been a great secret for the office or home. Sometimes, people just need a little nip of something to get them through the rest of the day. Rather than pour a tall drink in a tall glass to project to the world what you’re actually drinking, the coffee cup serves the purpose of disguising what’s in there. Of course, my coffee cup does make it clear that it’s okay to drink coffee in it as well.

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