Of Course After Watching ‘Bird Box,’ There Has To Be A Challenge

Sandra Bullock has broken records again. Bird Box was recently released and when I last checked, it was at a record 45 million views on Netflix after just a few short days. If you’ve seen the memes, you know that she has to navigate a river blindfolded with two kids who are also blindfolded.

Of course the way we’ve become as an internet people, that has to become a challenge. Like the Lack Of Oxygen Challenge and the Setting Yourself On Fire Challenge, if Sandra Bullock has to do everything blindfolded, well so do we. We can’t get out of it really. There is no other option.

Of course, watching your brother blindfold himself and walk off a cliff is funny. I can’t think of a better way to start my day. 

Of course, watching your girlfriend cut her finger off because she’s making food blindfolded is hilarious. What else were you going to do that day? 

When your best friend wants to drive his car blindfolded, get out your phone and start recording! What could possibly go wrong?

But, you probably shouldn’t do these things with your children. If you want to blindfold yourself and set your house on fire to see if you can get out, I say go for it. But, your kids shouldn’t have to play the game with you.

You know like the one father did in the compilation video below, he walked his one year old right into a wall. Then of course, posted it on Youtube. That’s a great way to get someone’s attention, but not the kind you want. 

Stop walking your children into walls…

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