No Matter Who Wins The 2020 Election, Tomorrow Will Be Another Day

There are people planning for the worst. Businesses are literally boarding up their windows and doors because they think that the protests after the 2020 election are going to lead to riots and chaos. With our most recent experiences, no one has any reason to think any different.

It shouldn’t be that way. It never was that way. In the past, no matter who won, Republican or Democrat, we got up the next day and went about our business because the president is just a man. WE THE PEOPLE are what America is about. The president is merely the face to the name and it only lasts for four years.

When did the president become more important than America itself? When did we start putting that much power into his hands? Whenever it was and whatever it was about, we need to take our power back.

When something happens in our country, WE THE PEOPLE are the first to be there. When a hurricane comes through and destroys homes, displaces families, the neighbors are there to feed the hungry and give shelter to the homeless. We’ve seen stadiums and churches opened up to people so that they could have a hot meal, a shower, and at least a cot to sleep on until the dust settled and we could start rebuilding again.

We solve our problems ourselves. While the politicians are drinking their coffee and straightening out their suits as they go to their morning meetings, WE THE PEOPLE are already dealing with any crisis we have to face. WE THE PEOPLE are the EMTs and the nurses who are there to take care of injured people in every emergency. WE THE PEOPLE are the firemen who run into fires to save lives.

WE THE PEOPLE are the farmers feeding everyone. WE THE PEOPLE are the teachers teaching everyone. WE THE PEOPLE are stocking shelves, shipping cargo, getting passengers where they need to go, and working manufacturing lines every day to make sure America has what it needs when we need it. And regardless of how messed up you think the system is, WE THE PEOPLE are the police officers who put their lives on the line to protect and serve.

Politics has been embedded in our psyche so deeply that it has become a part of our identity. That was never supposed to happen. The old school politicians may have made a lot of mistakes, but they kept their jobs to themselves. They said, “I got this” and they let us worry about our own lives. But these politicians today have dropped the ball. Under the guise of transparency, they’ve made politics our business. What do we need them for if it’s our business now?

If there are full-time protestors, our politicians have failed us. If there are full-time activists, it’s very clear evidence that our politicians can’t solve our problems. We haven’t failed us. Our politicians have failed us. They act like they are the answer to all of our problems, but they are our problem.

We have bigger issues than worrying about who is in the White House. We have to solve our own issues by ourselves. It’s always been that way, but it’s time for us to remember that. One man in the White House can’t solve our problems for us and it shouldn’t be expected of him, or her when that day comes.

No matter who is in the White House, you will get up the next day and get dressed the same way. You’ll be fine. Everyone will be fine. Because WE THE PEOPLE are what America is about and we make the world keep spinning. Stop being a Republican or a Democrat. That’s just a political ideology that you happen to agree with.

You are an American and we’ve been through a whole lot worse than making up our minds between Trump and Biden. Trust me! We’ll get through this. It’s just another day…

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