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Murderers Who Posted Their Crimes On Social Media

Most people use social media to tell everyone how their lunch went or what color they’re dying their hair. Others love to get in the mix of drama and stir it up. Then, there are these people.

They used their social media to expose their own murders. It’s just like the guys who rob a store and then have to post the money and the rest of their bounty on Facebook. They are the best criminals ever…for the cops.

All any investigator has to do is look through the profiles for clues. Some people actually put their street address in their contact information. It’s as easy as that. If they don’t make it that easy, sometimes the pictures can provide the clues. A good investigation team can pick up on street signs, license plates, house numbers…etc.

If that leads to a dead end, all is not lost. Good investigators dive into the post itself. They can track down where the post originated by IP addresses and other such indicators that can nail down an area and sometimes even an exact address.

But, these people aren’t thieves. They are killers. They snapped for one reason or another. I think it’s getting easier and easier to do these days because sometimes, people are placed in impossible situations.

Imagine a person who makes a simple mistake that results, like a domino effect, in everything being systematically taken away from him. All the people who are involved are sympathetic to the misery they are causing, but they are just “doing their jobs.”

To give you an example, I recently read a headline where a man was falsely accused of sexual assault on a child. But, he was investigated and charged. He lost his job. His wife left him. He lost his house. He lost his car. It didn’t take long for the man to go from being a prominent member of society to a homeless man with nothing. After all that, the charges were dropped because the teenage girl saw what happened to the man and got a guilty conscience. She rescinded her statement. But, the damage had been done.

That man did not snap. But, he could have. These people in this video did! Remember, don’t screw around with other people’s lives. You never know who is going to snap! Happy Halloween!

Murderers Post Their Crimes

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