Most Hilarious Epic FAILS In Pole Dance History

When people do some risky things like pole dancing, there has to be some bloopers. Of course, some girls are safe on the pole. They don’t climb on it and do dance moves while they spin around it. This video has none of them in it because they simply won’t take the risk.

This FAIL reel has the brave ones in it. They take risks and they put all they have into it. But if you’re going to dance on a pole, you should know what you’re doing. You should at least make sure that the pole is attached. If you don’t, your face might get rearranged. And the final clip is hilarious.

She’s getting trained by a professional pole dancer. When things go wrong between the two of them, it turns ugly real quick. Then the video guru wants to add sound effects that make it even more hilarious.

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