cotton candy lobster
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Mom, This Cotton Candy Lobster Doesn’t Taste Right

No! We won’t be eating that one. The Cotton Candy Lobster is very rare as in 1 in 100 million and the Seafood company that caught it, Get Maine Lobster is actually going to put it in an aquarium. That’s right! It won’t be seeing a pot on a stove any time soon.

Was that the first thing you thought of? I can imagine anyone reading the headlines on this one thought first, I wonder who gets to eat it. There will always be someone with deep pockets who would want to swoop in and take a picture of it on a plate for their wall of trophies.

cotton candy lobster

But it will actually serve better in an aquarium. Speaking for the Seafood company of course. They get to say they saved the rare guy and look at it, being kept alive in a nice aquarium with plenty of people around gawking at it and poking on the glass sides to get its attention.

I mean, really. To be honest, it had a boring life in the ocean. The thing about it, that Cotton Candy Lobster didn’t even know it. What do they do? They scurry around on the bottom of the ocean waiting for something bigger to come along and eat it. But, it was a star and it was about to be discovered.

cotton candy lobster

She’ll be a huge celebrity for the rest of her cotton candy life. She’ll be treated like royalty with lights shining on her all day and night. They’ve already named her Haddie and she’ll be giving autographs and taking pictures with the fans. I just hope she can keep it together. It’s rough being thrust into stardom all of a sudden. Just ask any of the child celebrities who started getting into trouble in their teens.

I’m just picturing a little girl visiting Haddie with bright, starry eyes. She looks up at her mother and asks, “Mommy, does it taste like cotton candy?”

“I don’t know, honey. Maybe,” her mother answers knowing that it doesn’t, but she doesn’t want to break her daughter’s precious heart.

So, the little princess licks the side of the aquarium to find out…

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