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Millions Seek New Meme Detox Therapy Amidst Vicious Lockdown

Subject to the harsh realities of extreme boredom from the horrible conditions of lockdown we were forced to endure, millions of victims have become over-medicated with memes. It has become such a major issue that therapists almost missed because of all the other problems we faced in 2020. It became apparent that they needed to act when they realized that nearly the entire internet had been overrun by memes.

The saddest part about it was that the same memes were being used over and over. It’s a symptom often referred to as over-meming. It’s when the ability to create an original meme is overridden by the fact that a popular one already exists and it makes it much easier to produce. There are many examples of this:

The Creepy Condescending Wonka


The Laughing Leo


The Woman Yelling At The Cat


Of course, there are other issues involved in meming that are starting to be recognized. The addiction to creating one’s own meme is a separate issue that merely develops more fodder for the meme addicted. Dr. Asspartime describes it as such, “It’s like feeding a food-junkie. They will keep consuming the more you give them.”

Original memes are just as addictive:

They Look Exactly Alike


A Cat And A Dot


Two Beautiful Nurses


Believe me when I say, the Meme Condition is getting out of hand. But don’t despair! There is help.

There is an online Reddit group that you can join if you’d like to remain anonymous. You can also call 1-800-Meme Detox and talk to a trained meme support expert about your particular problem. Don’t let your condition get any worse than it already is. Reach out and seek help. No one will judge you for trying to better yourself. You will only judge yourself and that is a far more serious issue.

You might need therapy for that…

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