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The Invention Of The Middle Finger Should Be A National Holiday

The selfie craze is in full swing. Has been for a while. But it didn’t take everyone having a phone with a camera to get people to take pictures. The camera on the phone just makes it easier to do it ourselves.

The fact is that we’ve been taking pictures for years and there has been one thing that has always stood out from generation to generation. The middle finger! You might not even notice it now. Kids just flash it in every photo they take, sometimes with some tongue action or a mean look on their face.

It’s like we have something in our blood that naturally makes the middle finger flip up just before the photographer snaps the photo. And it’s not just kids. Generations that grew up with the Polaroid are still flashing the middle finger in their over-the-hill age now. They still think it’s cute.

What’s different is that everyone has access to a handy camera at all times and the internet is so big, it can hold everyone’s photos everywhere they want to put them. I would be willing to bet a good 80% of all photos have a middle finger somewhere in them.

Speaking of which, is it ever going to be possible for the internet to get full? Will there be day when it just won’t be able to hold any more of our shit? Some people won’t know what to do with themselves. But until then, we’ll still be taking photos with our middle fingers flipped up for everyone to see.

What is it about? Are we trying to offend people? Are we saying something cryptic? Why the need for the middle finger like it makes a person special or something? There are several different versions of how the middle finger was invented.

I like the one where a pitcher for the Boston Beaneaters gave it in a joint team photograph with the rival New York Giants back in 1886.

Actual Photo

Middle Finger

Close Up

Middle Finger
Not many people celebrate the middle finger, but this is the kind of thing I would turn into a National Holiday. Middle Finger Day! The funny thing is that we learn it at a very young age. Here’s the proof:

Kids And Their Middle Fingers

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