Michael Allen

michael allen“It’s a childish desire, the childish desire for good.” Michael Allen

Michael Allen grew up between Virginia and Maryland. Moving back and forth many times in his life, he finally graduated high school at James Monroe in Fredericksburg, Va. in 1988.

Four days later, he was on the “Yellow Footprints” more commonly known as U.S. Marine Corps boot camp. Honorably Discharged in 1993, he would eventually begin college in 1995 after a few years of doing the “Hunter S. Thompson thang” as he so affectionately likes to recall those days.

A warehouse manager in Atlanta, Georgia; sandblasting bridge parts in Tupelo, Mississippi; a bouncer at a club in Maryland, just to name a few, Michael Allen did just about anything on a mission to try to see what he didn’t see as a Marine. So, he entered college and, four years later, finally earned his B.S. in English.

michael allenTaking a teaching job at Northern Garrett High School in Western Maryland, he had the American Dream with a wife, two kids, and the white picket fence. But, he was missing something and he knew it. It was then that his voice started to emerge.

As a writer, he has written over twenty books and ten screenplays as a freelancer. He has published his own books and has his own screenplays in the works as he continues to work with up and coming writers. 

A River in the Ocean – A drama about a single father who goes into a coma after a near fatal accident. He wakes up with amnesia, but he knows he’s missing something. His daughter has been raised by a loving quirky couple who have no idea what they are doing. He didn’t know he was looking and she didn’t know she needed found.

When You Miss Me – A children’s book for kids who have a tough time dealing with an absent parent, whether they are in the military or as an unfortunate consequence of divorce.

A Danger to Society – A case of mistaken identity puts a man up against the good ‘ol boy network in a place called Smallton, America.


Dean’s Shadow – (thriller) After their ten year high school reunion, a group of friends get together for a reunion after-party that turns deadly when fate finds a way of releasing an evil force that has no intentions of returning.

A River in the Ocean – (drama) based on the novel.

Funniest Damn Crime Movie – (comedy) When a lady is found dead in an alley, it’s going to take the intuitive skills of investigators and the advanced technology of forensics to figure out what happened. Too bad our team doesn’t have either.

I Know Where You Are – (thriller) A murderous internet stalker with the right smartphone apps can find any girl he wants at any time. But, it’s not their fault his victims are in his radar and there is only one deadly connection between them.

You Can’t Keep It All – (drama) When a club owner partners with the wrong people, he soon finds himself in the middle of unimaginable corruption with no way out in sight. It’s him against time as he has to scramble to save the one person he’s grown to care about the most.