London Blasts

The terrorists work on a purely low psychological level using everything we learned in the third grade to beat us.

~ They are trying to set us against ourselves.

~ Their hypocritical stances are going to start making sense to people.

~ If we fall, it is because we have weakened ourselves. Not because they have weakened us.

We need to remember who we are.

~ With every fear comes a time of reflection normally followed by a great restriction on even our most basic freedoms.

~ We use diplomacy against a bunch of barbarians who should be treated as such and not given the same sense of respect we would give to a legitimate enemy or a common criminal in our midst.

~ We are bowing down when we should be “John Wayning” it right now.

~ If we fall, it is because we have weakened ourselves. Not because they have weakened us.

I am not a militant who believes in all out destruction. I am not a hot head who acts without thinking. I am not a bully who thinks pushing people around is the answer.

I am a father, son, brother, cousin and friend who wants to see a positive end. Sometimes it takes a demonstration to make a point.

Michael Allen ~ A Danger to Society

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