Liberal Muslim Woman Sets The Record Straight About Trump

Why would a liberal Muslim vote for Trump? After all that he said and did while he was running for office, does it sound feasible? Actually, it does.

But, you’d have to hear it from Asra Nomani herself. Her main point is that the two sides are so divided, it hardly works anymore. They need to start pulling themselves back to the middle instead of moving further and further apart.

She also says something very interesting. The liberals who preach tolerance and political correctness are the ones who try to silence people who disagree with them. They cut off communication and they don’t want to hear anything in opposition to what they think.

One time, I stated that liberals like to get their information from other liberals. Conservatives get their information from conservative sources and liberal sources. In other words, conservatives know what liberals think and how they think. Liberals are told what the conservatives think, so they don’t really know for themselves.

A liberal friend of mine asked me to read a document where he thought it said the exact opposite. It reported that conservatives watch Fox News and then at least one other news source. Liberals change between several different news sources. But when you look at the news sources in a range from liberal to conservative, you see that those different news sources are liberal while the news source or sources conservatives switch to after watching Fox are liberal.

The research proved my point. But, he didn’t know that because the introduction to the research told him how to digest the findings. I looked at the findings objectively and actually found a good source of data to back up my original statement.

In another report were findings that have become glaringly obvious today. The sad findings state that liberals are more likely to unfriend people on social media if they oppose their point of view. Conservatives are more likely to hear a person out and keep them as a friend to continue discussing the issues (Political Polarization and Media Habits).

When one side will listen and discuss but the other side won’t, that becomes a problem. It becomes even more apparent in this video when Asra is clear and strong about her decision to vote for Trump and the real issues America faces. In fact, she is making a good point when she is cut off. That’s right, CNN cut her off just before she gets to make her point.

What statement does that make? The news will cut you off if you aren’t sticking to the narrative they have created for you. If you aren’t saying what they want to hear or if they aren’t able to humiliate you for your political views, they will end the conversation because they don’t want to hear it. Their viewers don’t want to hear it.

Asra Quratulain Nomani

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