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Kourtney Kardashian Unedited Photos: Why Does She Ever Edit Them?

It’s one of those puzzles like which one came first, the chicken or the egg? Did models give young ladies an unrealistic body image or did Photoshop do it? That’s a good question that could be debated for hours.

In the modeling industry, there are very high standards few girls can meet. At one time, models were starving themselves to look like toothpicks with ribs visibly showing through their skin and some genius thought that looked good. Of course, no one dare disagree with the royalty of modeling lest ye be cast out of the empire and exiled to the mortal struggle otherwise known as normal life.

And then Photoshop came along. Having a bite of a cheeseburger once every other year became possible. This capability was brought to models by artists who learned how to digitally paint a better model on their e-canvas. And therein lied yet another conundrum. It soon became impossible for even the most perfect model to be perfect enough for the digital magazines and the plethora of ads splashed across every website we surfed.

It has been time for modeling to knock dents in the old standards. If anything, modeling should have always appreciated the variety of packages the beautiful people come in. I would like to give credit for some of the exceptions it has been willing to make over the years.

First Up, Naomi Sims

naomi sims

Naomi Sims has often been attributed with the title of the first African-American Supermodel. To be honest, I don’t know of anyone else who could possibly be confused for that.


Next Up, Daphne Selfe

daphne selfe

Breaking another mold, Daphne Selfe is the oldest model to remain active at 93 years old.


Finally, Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn

One standard that seemed the most stubborn to break, Tara Lynn is wonderfully and unapologetically curvaceous.


Today’s Subject: Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney kardashian

However, what Kourtney Kardashian did is a little different. She didn’t break any molds in the sense that Naomi Sims, Daphne Selfe, or Tara Lynn did. But she is breaking an unhealthy pattern that has been and is being followed by girls of all ages who think they aren’t good enough.

She recently posted images of herself that are 100% her. No Photoshop editing at all. And after looking at them, I wonder why she ever had any of her images Photoshopped.

To show you what I’m talking about, to give you a very real example of the modeling industry, watch this video of a before and after. First of all, a very beautiful girl with a great body poses in front of the camera. But for some reason, she’s just not good enough.

A Stylist first touches her physical appearance up before a graphic artist touches up the photo. Her nose wasn’t narrow enough. Her eyes weren’t big enough. Her belly wasn’t tight enough. Her legs weren’t long enough. If she wasn’t good enough from the image taken of her, I want to meet this ultimate perfect subject who ordered all those changes while chomping down on a Roast Beef sandwich with spittle dripping from the side of its mouth.

Take note! This is why it’s so hard to live up to the industry’s standards. Even they can’t live up to the industry’s standards. They set the bar so high, even they can’t touch it!

The Industry Touch-Up

There is a huge problem when perfect people aren’t perfect enough!

So now, I implore you. Let’s play a game called “Find The Imperfection.” In my book, Kourtney Kardashian is a very great-looking girl with not a blemish. Take a look for yourself.

Her Back Image

Kourtney Kardashian

And Her Front Image

kourtney kardashian

If anyone can point out one blemish on her, they are way too critical of reality and they have a very unhealthy relationship with the world. She has no need for Photoshop and I hope she continues to inspire girls all around the world to be 100%.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, I want you to like what you see. I bet you someone does and you should take their word for it rather than try to live up to some notion of perfection that as I have proven to you, doesn’t really exist.

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