Just What In The World Is Trump Doing? Asked And Answered

I was asked recently what Trump has accomplished and I’ve said many times that I’m not a Trump Supporter. When I first heard the term “Trump Supporter,” as a Marine I thought that I was. I support all of our sitting presidents and I want them all to succeed. A successful president is a successful America.

But, Trump Supporter has changed in its definition. A Trump Supporter doesn’t have any problem with anything he does or says. I have had many “scratch my head” moments. But, I’m also not a Trump Hater. They are just as bad as Trump Supporters in that respect because they don’t like anything he does. In their eyes, they twist his accomplishments into the most terrible acts against America anyone can ever imagine. Getting saluted by a North Korean general and saluting back has been described by some as an act of treason…WOW!

As a moderate, I feel like I’m the only one in the middle with an open mind. These two parties have both gone too extreme for me and I’m just in the middle trying to offer a different perspective. I like to give credit where credit is due and I get it, what he has done with North Korea is a hard pill for liberals to swallow. But, this is a step in the right direction. It’s a step toward World Peace, something everyone has been asking for forever.

Great Strides Toward World Peace

Liberals warn that this is nothing – let’s see it in action first – Kim has agreed to this in the past and he backs out of his agreements every time. But, he released the prisoners back to America. He blew up a nuclear testing site and recorded it for Youtube to show the President. Kim met with Moon Jae-in and they acted like lifelong friends who hadn’t seen each other in years. Trump did that. That’s called making great strides toward World Peace.

Unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in decades. In the black and the Hispanic communities, the unemployment rate hit record lows, the lowest it has ever been. There are more jobs than people looking for work. Tax cuts take the credit for that.

His tax reform has led to lower taxes on small businesses. Employees got raises. That has happened across America, but I have a friend who owns a business and was able to tell me that first hand. She was able to give her employees raises and they can now afford health care…Affordable Health Care. What a notion!

The U.S. trade deficit fell to a 7 month low as exports set several records. There is a significant drop in imports and the CBO has to constantly revise their projections because maybe they don’t understand business the way Trump does. Every time liberals get upset about these “devastating” things America will face because of tariffs and other ways we deal with other countries, it turns out just fine. We actually get ahead and the CBO will have to just keep revising their projections as we go through the ups and downs of CHANGE. Real change we all can live with.

The G7 Summit

Getting out of the G7 deal was a good thing. We can’t be in a deal that goes on indefinitely. Trump wanted a sunset clause that ends the deal after a certain amount of time and forces parties to renegotiate, which means more balanced terms between the countries. If you knew how toxic the NAFTA provisions had gotten because teams of lawyers had used them to manipulate business practices between the governments, you would know that there was a real need to sit down and hash it all out again. Trump needed to stand up to those countries and let them know they can no longer take advantage of us. Good for him.

The Real Problem With Illegal Immigration

What’s going on with the ILLEGAL immigrants is heartbreaking. The images the media is sharing jerks at your heart strings. It’s horrible. I wish they would find a different way. But, this has been building for years. The liberal media has been watching the movements and reporting about every single change from converting an abandoned Walmart into a shelter for ILLEGAL immigrants to every case of deportation that has taken place in the last year. The ILLEGAL immigrants defied the laws and acted like this day would never come. They put themselves in this position. I hate how it’s being handled. But, you should know that law enforcement officials don’t handle law enforcement gently. They are not going to wait for a person to finish urinating before they arrest them. They are not going to let you finish your sandwich and patiently standby until you’re done chewing. That’s not how they work. What is your solution? Allow them to keep breaking the law and using our resources while they do it?

I’ve said this before, about a million immigrants come to America every year and no one has a problem with that because they do it the right way. The problem is not with immigration. It’s with illegal immigrants and if you ask the Hispanic community in America who are over here legally, they will agree other people need to FOLLOW THE LAW. They had to and they agree everyone else should be held to those same laws.

No one can be happy with how it’s being handled. But, I’m going to put my frustration in that situation where it belongs. Why didn’t they do it the right way? Why did they defy the most powerful government on the face of the earth? Past administrations have made promises that they didn’t keep and that’s a dangerous precedence to set.

These Are The Words Out Of Their Own Mouths

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