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Just Doing My Job Keeping The Bridesmaids Butt Shot Alive

If you don’t know what a Bridesmaids Butt Shot is, don’t worry. I’ve got the full scoop and you won’t be disappointed. It is everything you would want in the term Bridesmaids Butt Shot.

First of all, it was trending years ago. I’m not sure why it went out all of a sudden. It was a great trend that should never have faded away. So, I thought I would bring it back. There are other trends that have been brought back.

If someone can bring bell bottoms back and make them work, then why not the Bridesmaids Butt Shot? It’s an even better trend. The fact that bridesmaids are hot, for the most part, and that they are willing to show their butts makes this trend one that should never go away.

No one knows where it originated. I’m going to guess that an adult film had a nice cover of bridesmaids half-naked and a bride thought it would be a good idea to reenact it. So, she got her girls together and told them to raise their dresses.

Then, another bride thought it was a great idea and off the trend went. Bridesmaids were giving us butt shots all across the land. Gotta love em!

I love the expressions on their faces. They know they are showing their nice butts, but they have a look on their faces like they are surprised! Some are just laughing like they are embarrassed a little and glad they have company to expose their butts together.

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