Joe Gibbs Apologizes For Denny Hamlin Celebration After Ryan Newman Crash

NASCAR has its share of crashes. That’s no lie. Without having seen every NASCAR race ever, I am willing to say that there is at least one in every race.

But, the Ryan Newman crash at the Daytona 500 was a little more serious than most. When you see fuel pouring out of the car as fire is building up around it, you know it’s serious. And that is without even talking about the condition Ryan Newman was in as they were pulling him out. So that you know what I’m talking about, here is the crash and the Denny Hamlin win.

If you remember the short clip in that video with Joe Gibbs and his FedEx team looking at the monitor. That was them realizing the severity of Ryan Newman’s crash. What it doesn’t show is what they did immediately after. They bowed their heads and began to pray for Ryan. – (a video that was taken down for some reason)

But, what everyone saw was the crew celebrating the win. Denny Hamlin has been called out for his fist pump and doing doughnuts. The FedEx team has been called out for their celebration while there was a serious accident on the track. But, I think Joe Gibbs did a great job at first apologizing for what everyone saw. And he explained it quite well that there was a lot to take in at that moment. The win and the crash happened at the same time and you can easily focus on one thing while missing the other. But, I think Joe Gibbs and the team acted fast as soon as they knew how serious the Ryan Newman crash was.

Joe Gibbs is definitely a class act. His apology has been heard and it does explain what happened down there on the track. Denny Hamlin might be taking a lot of slack for his fist pump and his doughnuts, but he didn’t even know how severe the crash was. Not at that moment.

The latest on Ryan Newman is that his injuries are not life-threatening even though he is in serious condition.

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