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Jimmy Low Calls For Remedy In New Hit ‘Remedy Prayer’

It’s an epidemic and there is no way to stay blind to it. Of course, drugs have been killing people for years. But with the internet and new ways of getting the word out, it’s in our face every day.

The small town of Cumberland, Maryland used to be just a simple railroad town with some other industries that kept people gainfully employed. It still is to some extent, but it’s grown up with the rest of the world. The drug problems have hit this little town hard and it seems that there is at least one shocking headline every week:

“Cumberland man faces drug charges following traffic stop”
“Firearms complaint at LaVale motel nets five drug arrests”
“Connecticut man arrested at Frostburg for alleged drug distribution”
“21 arrested in Maryland drug ring linked to overdoses”

Don’t think the people of Cumberland aren’t paying attention and that they’re not upset about it. They are! In fact, another thing to hit this little town is the voice of one man standing in the crowd. Jimmy Low has emerged as a voice of Cumberland and his message is being heard loud and clear.

He’s not just making music and videos. His message is on point about cleaning up his hometown. And literally, he has been cleaning up his hometown. He has led the charge and actually gathered Cumberland residents together to sweep the streets and pick up trash. That’s a very real visual that speaks a powerful message about metaphorically cleaning up the streets.

After losing friends to drugs, the streets need cleaning and voices like Jimmy Low’s need to be heard. When people are literally being found dead in bushes and parked cars, when used needles can be found on playgrounds and littered in the streets, when the drug war taxpayers have been paying for seems to be failing miserably, it’s time for people to take on the message themselves.

When Jimmy Low physically shows you how to clean up the streets, get the message! It’s time to clean up the streets…



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