Jeff Bezos Started A GoFundMe Account To Offset His Loss Of Income

He feared the worst and it happened. Amid the news about the coronavirus, Jeff Bezos watched his fortune fall to $113 billion. And who knows how much more money he stands to lose? It’s a very scary time for him.

So, he has put together a GoFundMe account. He is kindly asking if people have the heart to donate so that his family can continue to exist the way they’ve become accustomed. I mean, Jet planes don’t just fuel themselves. Am I right?

He and his family are having a really tough time at this because they aren’t used to being told what to do. They have to stay locked in their 13,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion. With only two guest houses, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and a nine-hole golf course, you can imagine that they are getting cabin fever about now. There are only so many laps you can do in the pool or tennis matches you can play before the insanity of boredom starts to set in. I mean, he only has half a golf course. It’s not even a whole golf course!

While most of us are absolutely loving our quarantine in our humble housing and looking forward to all of those days off because we don’t have that much to worry about like bills that still need to be paid and the acquisition of food that is very scarce at the moment, Jeff must be absolutely miserable. This a new world for him and no one knows how he’ll be able to adapt to the changes he’s going to face. Can you imagine Mr. Bezos running out of toilet paper? It’s heartbreaking just to think about it.

Now, we Americans always Champion those in need. When people call, we come to the rescue and we have never failed anyone. This is the type of people we are and this is what Jeff Bezos is counting on in his time of need. We have never let him down before. After all, we are the reason he is the wealthiest man in the world in the first place. I have no doubt he’ll be able to count on us now as his many, many billions of dollars dwindle to only a few.

Disclaimer: This is absolutely a joke. Had this been an actual news piece with any factual information, you would have been informed by much more credible sources than this one. This has absolutely been a joke.

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