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Japan’s Kane Tanaka, World’s Oldest Person Dies At 119

Can you imagine living from one century to another? Not many people make it that long. But Kane Tanaka did, and her life must have been amazing.

She was born on January 2, 1903, which, as you might know, was the same year the Wright brothers first put the Kitty Hawk Flyer into the air. That means that Tanaka watched the flight industry go from the initial design through generations of upgrades that include an all-metal frame with a propeller to the Concorde and then the space shuttle that takes astronauts into space.

She lived in a time when only a few people had cars and watched that turn into a world where damn near everyone has one. The roads went from dirt to asphalt and grew from one lane to over ten. They were simple roads that took people through town and connected city to city until steel and concrete constructions took them hundreds of feet into the air in the bigger cities around the world.

Kane Tanaka

Kane Tanaka was actually born prematurely. So, she arrived early and she damn sure wasn’t ready to go until she was absolutely done. She was the seventh born in her family, and she went on to have four kids of her own as well as adopt a fifth.

She married Hideo Tanaka, and they ran a family business together. They sold sticky rice, udon, and the favorite zenzai. Of her favorite things on earth, she loved chocolate and soda. In a 2019 celebration of her life, she was presented with a box of chocolates, which she took no time opening and eating.

Kane Tanaka

When I hear of Kane Tanaka being born in 1903, the first thing that hits my mind is how much she watched this world change around her. Things that seemed impossible then were made possible over the years, and she was there to witness it all happen. She must have had a great life, and it shows by how long she wanted to hang around and keep enjoying it. RIP!

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