Is This How It Works In America Now?

Greenfield VeteranA Homeowners Association ordered a veteran to take his flagpole down because it violated neighborhood policies. Never mind the fact that a flag pole exists at the clubhouse in the same neighborhood operated by the same neighborhood association.

The letter stated that if the veteran did not remove the flagpole, he would be fined $500 in legal fees. Never mind that these are the legal fees trumped up because of an unpatriotic Homeowners Association having a hissy fit in the first place.

The story gets attention. People act. Then, the veteran gets a letter telling him he can keep the flagpole. The letter stated that donations from concerned neighbors poured in and covered the cost of legal fees.

I’m going to make a guess. No donations were made. The Homeowners Association just said that to save face. After all, they also said they didn’t have a problem with the flag itself. But, that it was the flagpole because it was hard to mow around. But, it was in a flowerbed…so, that argument is invalid.

No Homeowners Association ever has a legitimate argument when they attempt to order someone to remove a flag, a bumper sticker from their car, or anything of the like. It always seems to be that other neighbors have their own affiliations prominently displayed, but the American flag or a military bumper sticker seems to always get someone’s feathers ruffled.

I think any organization or association that demands the removal of a flag or “flagpole” from a person’s property that they own or even rent should be immediately placed on a suspect list and thoroughly investigated for having any ties to our enemies or friends of our enemies.

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