Imagine the X in Life

Don’t you wish you could “x” things out of life? Like we do when we have popups, popunders, fly-ins, video ads…etc.


A thunderstorm warning in the middle of my favorite show…yeah, I get it. It’s going to rain.

A channel message…yeah, I’ll get right on saving your channel. I only watch this one show and I can Hulu all the past episodes.

But better yet, stupid billboards, idiotic bumper stickers, overbearing sales banners…ah, I’m scratching that itch!

Construction work in beautiful scenery…long lines at the grocery store…ladies wearing nightgowns at Walmart…a screaming activist fighting for the rights of the North Caroline Sand Flea…the person at the party who just rubs you the wrong way…

All of  a sudden, I wasn’t at the party anymore! Wait! So, it was me?

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