Illusions the World Taught Me

What you perceive is often the greatest illusion of all. Magicians have taught us that every time they make a girl disappear or they pick your card out of a sealed envelope you’ve been holding in your hand since the beginning of the trick. But there is a way to get past being confused about illusion, especially when it’s your own perception playing tricks on you.

Keep it simple! The rest will come to you. But one thing I’ve learned from what the world has taught me is that reality is often the exact opposite of what you might think.

For instance, eating is the most effective way to lose weight. You would think putting something in just adds to the weight issue. Like filling a bag, the more you put in the more full the bag gets.

Of course, you can lose weight starving yourself. But, that’s not good. Eating right, several times a day is the healthiest and most effective strategy. By the way, I’m not saying that you need to lose weight. I’m trying to lose weight. So, that’s really a lesson for me to keep reminding myself.

Another interesting reality that goes beyond all rational logic is giving is the greatest reward. Again, you would think the more you give the less you have. But, that’s not the case. The more you give the more comes back to you. Try it sometime! I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

What we’re really talking about is irony because the opposite of what you expect is true. When you’re in a circle of friends and there’s that one particular friend who picks on you, he likes you. That’s his subtle way of telling you that you have his attention. It’s just like in the third grade when a boy punched you on the arm. It wasn’t because he didn’t like you. No, exactly the opposite.


Illusions the World Has Taught Me…

You can’t lift yourself up by putting others down.

There’s more going on around you than all you can see, hear and touch.

Sometimes, it’s not what’s right in front of you that’s most important. It’s what you can’t see that needs more of your attention.

Greed takes away from your value of life.

Sometimes, waiting is the fastest way to get there.

When it seems the world is coming against you, that’s when you know you are on the right track.

The greatest statements are often not in the words we speak, but in our actions.

Regardless of how great life can be and how smooth you would like things to go, adversity is what makes your life better.

Sometimes, it’s best to jump off a cliff and build your parachute on the way down. That lesson should only be taken metaphorically. I don’t want to get an email from you telling me how you died jumping off a cliff.

When presented with two choices, there are often plenty more options.

What annoys us about others are often the flaws we see in ourselves.

Spending time with yourself is not being alone. It’s actually about getting in touch with your best friend.


And the greatest illusion of them all:

When someone hurts you, it’s hard to forgive them. Metaphorically, you want to put them in a cage much like what you would do to a dangerous animal. So that they can never hurt you again, you lock them away. Forgiveness is opening that cage and then, finding out it was you who was in it.


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