Illegal Immigration: What’s Really Going On At The Border?

When I see photos that the media is calling appalling and stunning, heartbreaking photos of kids being “ripped” out of their parents arms, I immediately want to act. But, I’ve learned over the years that I need to get all the information first. Do we know everything that is going on at the border?

If you listen to the media, you’ll hear about kids being ripped from their parents’ arms. You’ll see the photo of a little girl crying with her mother right by her side. It jerks at your heart strings and you want to pick the little girl up, tell her everything’s going to be okay, and then fix everything for her.

The Viral Image That Has Everyone Upset

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

This Is After

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

They Are Waiting On The Van

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Her Mother Tying Her Shoe

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Coming Across On The Rio Grande

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

That point missed many people somehow. This little girl and her mother were from Honduras. Her mother put this little child on a raft and brought her across the Rio Grande. That’s a dangerous trip.

When they got here, they were stopped by border patrol. Her mother was searched and then she was allowed to hold her child. John Moore was the photographer who says he watched the mother and the child get in the van and they were transported away. That’s all he knew.

But, this has stirred an outpouring of emotions. Children should not be separated from their families. They are saying we can be more humane than this. Some people are calling it child abuse.

As always, there is another side to it. What if the kids are being trafficked here? What if they are being used as pawns by smugglers and drug dealers? It’s not as if it hasn’t happened in the past when the administration failed to act.

How Kids Are Trafficked In For Labor

Of course, that was during the Obama administration. What is going on now? What are the concerns and what are we doing about it? DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen had a lot of very important things to say about what’s going on at the border and it can’t be brushed off lightly.

10,000 Kids Sent Here Alone

If an adult and a child come across the border illegally instead of arriving at a port of entry, it looks suspicious. If they don’t have papers, it looks suspicious. Plus, it makes the job very difficult. Have proof that’s your child and the process goes smoother.

If you can’t prove that’s your child, what do you expect law enforcement to do? They have to make sure. They can’t stand at the border and let smugglers traffic kids through and that’s one very real issue.

The people at the border know what they’re doing. They are stopping illegal immigration and they are making sure kids are actually with their parents. If you haven’t realized it, 10,000 out of 12,000 kids means 5 out of 6 kids are being trafficked here. They are not being brought here for asylum, to flee a terrible life, to find freedom. They are being brought here to labor in the fields in much more deplorable conditions than what we are giving them.

Also, labor isn’t the only reason kids get trafficked here. Think about that!

What’s the solution if you’re seeking asylum? Go to any one of our ports of entry and request asylum. Do not cross illegally.

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