Hurricane Dorian Was Sophisticated Drug Mule For The Cartels

The path of the hurricane and the projected paths show there is something more to Dorian than meets the eye.

In the last year alone, law enforcement has seized billions in cocaine. The haul in Philadelphia back in June actually broke records. So, drug cartels have been forced to figure out how to get cocaine into America in ever increasingly sophisticated ways.

Cocaine is a white powder that has the ability to keep most high functioning executives working insanely long hours for days. It’s made from the leaves of the coca plant and most of our politicians are high on it a good portion of the time. You can tell by the fact that they are constantly talking about our money problems and needing more of it to fund their habits.

Drug cartels have suffered setbacks over the years in what we’ve called the “War Against Drugs.” So, they’ve had to figure out unique and creative ways to get their drugs into America in a timely manner to be distributed to all the people who are jonesing. That’s where Hurricane Dorian comes in…

hurricane dorian

Bricks of cocaine weighing a kilo each, an estimated street value of $28,000 each, have started to wash up on the Florida Beaches courtesy of Hurricane Dorian. Cocoa Beach is one of the beaches to be blessed with the gifts of elegant delirium. A drug made from the Coca Plant washing up on Cocoa Beach? Coincidence? I don’t think so.

The fact that all the weather reports have been wrong should shed some light on the theory. Weather maps were drawn up with Dorian coming straight at Florida like a bat swinging to take out the leg of America. But, the hurricane turns and heads up the coast like it’s being controlled by a remote control? Are you starting to think with me now?

hurricane dorian

President Trump’s cute drawing of his Hurricane Dorian model clearly shows its path into Alabama, as anticipated by absolutely no one. It was so important, he had to override actual models of the hurricane and write in his own projections with a sharpie. This piece of evidence shows absolutely nothing other than how wrong everyone was on the path Dorian was going to take.

Hurricane Dorian

What Dorian actually did was turn and head up the coast, reluctant to follow any model any weatherperson could construct to project its path. If that’s not proof Dorian is controlled by a remote control to bring cocaine into America, than I’m not a detective. Actually, I’m not. So, there’s that.

There is always a decoy to distract us from what’s really going on! A huge chicken sandwich debate took our minds off of storming Area 51. Killing off CharlotteĀ on Harlots made people forget they had an issue with Halle Bailey playing Ariel on Little Mermaid. Is it really that impossible to believe that the drug cartels have figured out a way to manipulate hurricanes to deliver drugs all over the world? I think not.

I rest my case…

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