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How To Rise And Fall With Social Media: The Cat And Eli Story

cat and eli
Instagram/ @another_beautiful_day_official

A jet set couple with everything going for them, Cat and Eli have been the stars of @another_beautiful_day_official since 2017. At least, that’s when their first image was posted. Since then, they’ve built quite the following while traveling the world and posting pictures of the most exotic places. Who wouldn’t want to  be them?

Since 2017, their Instagram grew to about 46K followers who loved their photos and commented regularly. They show the sunsets and the sunrises, the skylines and the landmarks. You would think it’s a travel catalog. But it’s not. It’s just them showing what life is like for them on a daily basis.

We have gotten used to the social media influencers who gain a following on their profiles and are able to support themselves through ads and sponsors. So, no one batted an eye as they watched Cat and Eli tell them their story one post at a time.

That is until they wanted to go to Africa. That’s when it all fell apart. They put a GoFundMe campaign together called “Tandem to Africa” and asked their followers for the money to travel there.

The fundraiser begins with the words, “We could write a long text about mental health or global warming. We could tell you about following your dreams, or how important stepping out of your comfort zone is. We could tell you how beautiful traveling is, and it’s benefits, or the fact that most news don’t match reality.

But we’re going to show you!
Less talking more action.”

What does all that mean? Are they going to show the issues of mental health and global warming in Africa? When you do a GoFundMe fundraiser, you should have a reason. Trust me, some people don’t care what the reason is just as long as you have one. How is this fundraiser going to help humanity in any way? How is it going to help Cat and Eli? How is it going to help anyone or anything? What do they need the money for?

It pretty much seems to me like they’re going on a vacation from their lives and they want their followers to foot the bill. So, what kind of lives do they have? What do they need a vacation from?

Come to find out, Cat’s mother has been footing the bill for all their trips. They don’t have jobs. Cat let everyone know that his mother works two jobs and hardly has enough money for herself because she’s constantly taking care of Cat and Eli’s needs. When news of that hit, people came out of the woodwork to let them know a little something about themselves.

“mike_gooch42 – Ever heard of…. you know, well a job?”

“xreezyshop – Don’t you have job? Like a real job? Are you guys a beggar or something? I’m confused as heck”

“illseayah – How embarrassing that you two are depending on the public to be your ‘sugar daddy’ and support a lifestyle that, CLEARLY you two cannot support. The audacity that you would revert to other people’s hard work and good will before looking into yourself and your ability to be independent and work for what you want is a issue within itself. I am personally embarrassed for you, and this is a reflection of self entitlement at its finest. You two are in good health and have the ability to work. I’m applaud that you think living a life full of leisure is as EASY as asking for it, instead of working on it. You two are a joke.”

They have been able to raise some money for their trip. As of now, they have €967 of the €10,000 goal they set. So, there are always hardcore fans who don’t care about any of the negative drama. They will throw their money at their icons no matter what goes wrong. But this fundraiser has been running since June and surprisingly it’s still up. They haven’t received any donations in months. And that is how you destroy your online presence and influence.

They could have sold something to their followers. They could have researched companies that would have benefited from their travels and pitched a sponsorship deal. There were a thousand things they could have done, but they chose to stick their hands out and beg for the money. When he was asked if he had a job, he answered and I quote, “Some will tell us to get jobs, like everyone else and stop begging. But when you have the impact we do on others life, getting a job is not an option.”

He thinks that his mere existence and his presence on Instagram is his contribution to society. There are people in this world who do have a life like that. They are called social influencers and people pay them for their influence on social media. But when you think your mere existence is too important to get a job like “everyone else,” you lost yourself in your own self-importance. Your mom might have to get three jobs now since you’re too important to get one yourself.

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