And The Fakes Come Out In The Midst Of The Orlando Terrorist Attack

It’s hard to figure out if she’s trying to be like Nastradamus or if she’s pranking everyone. Either way, wouldn’t it seem a bad time to play games with people. That is especially in the midst of the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida that has everyone upset.

Seleste Beltran published a post that was dated June 28, 2013. Her post was a prediction of the terrorist attack. But, there is a problem with that.

Some people can be easily deceived on Facebook because they don’t know all the ins and outs of how everything works. There are features not everyone knows how to work or even that they are there. Seleste was able to use one of these features to get about 33,000 shares before the post was taken down.

But before it was taken down, I got a snapshot…

Look At It Real Close

fake post
Just before the post was taken down, I was able to view the Edits. Where it says “13 Hours Ago,” that’s when she edited it from some random post to make it look like a prediction.

The only proof I have at this point that this post existed is provided by a Google Search…

This Search On Google

google search

Produced This Result


But, You Can See For Yourself That It’s Gone Now

Mysterious Disappearing Post

When you create a post, you can backdate it then. You can also edit it later so that you can backdate it at that point. Seleste went back to a random post she put up three years ago and edited it. That’s another way of going back in time and making it seem like you made such an important prediction.

I Made An Example Of How It’s Done

my post
Facebook Post

Something like this isn’t easy to take. There are 50 dead because a terrorist who was on a watch list, interrogated by the FBI, and who professed loyalty to ISIS was able to buy a gun and shoot up a club. Using that incident to sway public opinion or to take advantage of the people in any way is unacceptable.

I’m glad Seleste took the post down or maybe it was taken down for her. Either way, that’s the kind of character she has. She’s not concerned for the victims of the terrorist attack as much as she is about how she can use it to benefit herself in some way. Think about it!

Facebook Comments

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