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He Took The Pregnancy Test In The Weirdest Pregnancy Announcement Ever

Got to admit, this is a little weird at first! But, you have to understand the intimacy a man and a woman share in their marriage.

I mean if she can walk in and do her hair while he’s taking a dump, then there isn’t any way to get much closer than that. Married couples share food, drinks, clothing and take care of each other when they are sick. So, they share them germs.

After thinking that one through, I came to the conclusion that this guy isn’t all that weird after all. But some of his facial expressions make you wonder what’s going through his mind. He is planning on playing an elaborate prank on his wife and he’s carrying the camera around with him.

So, he tries to hide. She sees him. Then, his face lights up like he just stepped into cold water for the first time of summer. You know that face you get when your body tenses up and your manhood goes into hiding. That’s his face! He’s hilarious!

But, wait for it! You’ll get all up in your feelings after she figures out what’s really going on with this pregnancy test. She thinks he brought one from work. She thinks he’s hilarious! But, she’s the only one who’s not in on the joke and it’s about to hit her hard.

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