Good Guy With A Gun Stops A Walmart Shooting

When they say there are no ‘Good Guys with Guns,’ there are plenty of incidences where the good guy with a gun was there.

What’s up with Walmart these days? Over the weekend in El Paso, a shooter unleashed evil in a Walmart and took the lives of 22 people. An incident not to be confused with that one took place on August 8, 2019 at a Walmart in Missouri.

The second Walmart incident was stopped by an off-duty fireman who happened to be carrying that day when he saw a heavily armed 20 year old male enter the building with no good intentions. The “Good Guy with a Gun” detained the would be shooter until officers arrived to arrest him.

“His intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody that was in the business. In fact, he’s lucky to be alive still to be honest,” Lt. Mike Lucas with Springfield Police confirmed.

Nothing happened. No one was hurt. No shots were fired. I call it the Zero Factor and there are many incidences like this that take place every day. In fact, sometimes there isn’t even an encounter because the shooter decides not to enter an establishment, abandons his plans because he saw a good guy with a gun or he saw several of them.

I’ve read articles lately talking about how the “Good Guy with a Gun” is a myth. They point to the one or two times where a person failed to act and they base their opinion on that. They disregard the long list of times where it has been documented that a “Good Guy with a Gun” stopped the shooter. Here is such a list in case you were wondering: Compiling Cases where concealed handgun permit holders have stopped mass public shootings and other mass attacks.


There is another strange phenomenon that takes place in the media when a story doesn’t fit within the left’s narrative. The story gets buried. For instance, one headline in all of media states, “BREAKING: Good Guy With Gun Stops Potential Attack At Walmart After Man Shows Up With Rifle, Body Armor.”

Do a search for the fireman’s name and you can’t find it. Do a search for the perpetrator’s name and you can’t find it. In fact, let’s follow the sources and dig a little deeper. A source in the Dailywire points to a local article, “Springfield Police arrest armed person at Walmart on Republic” where it states that, “According to Lt. Lucas, an off duty fireman who was at the Walmart is to thank in some part for the young man’s arrest.”

Downplayed to he, “is to thank in some part…” The local article in Ozarks First downplays the heroic efforts of the fireman who stopped the gunman and held him until officers arrived three minutes later. That local article points to the actual Springfield Police Release.

With each new source, the fireman’s role and the details of what happened are given less emphasis. A shooter who kills 22 people gets headlines all day and mentioned a thousand times. A hero who stops a shooter gets little attention. It’s the Zero Factor, only for a different reason. An amazing thing gets downplayed to zero.

HLN is reporting about the incident, but this story won’t get that much attention because it’s not bad news. It’s not traumatizing news. It’s not news that strikes fear into the American citizens, making them react emotionally rather than logically. It’s a story that offers hope while the news syndicate is trying to strip people of that hope and wrap people in fear so that they’ll give up their rights in the face of these terrible tragedies.

More good things happen every day, but the news will make you feel like the world is going to hell right outside your door. If you walk out there and pay attention, you’ll see the world is fine. It’s pretty great to be honest with you. The reality of it is that there are bad things we’re all going to have to face, but this world is not as bad as the media is making it out to be.

The fact is that a 20 year old with bad intentions, armed with body armor, walked into a Walmart and didn’t even get off a shot. He was stopped by an armed fireman who happened to be there. The “Good Guy with a Gun” did exactly what he was expected to do. He didn’t have to stop the man. He had no obligation to act even though he was carrying. But, that’s what the gun is for and he did exactly what a hero would do in that situation.

If his name comes out, I’ll gladly come back and update…

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