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Funny Dancing Videos That Flip The Script

A genius with video software can make anything out of anything. Have you ever wondered how they get a giraffe to jump up on another giraffe’s neck? They don’t. They do some dancing with graphic software and voila, it looks like a giraffe jumped up on another giraffe’s neck.

Of course, we already know this from the movies. They have some whacked-out stuff. They have cars being driven out of buildings and people flying with no wings. It’s all crazy stuff and all it takes is some genius who knows how to run a computer with all the software it can hold.

But this trend that we’re looking at today is a little different. There is some skill though. They find a video with people dancing. They find a totally different song for the video and they make it match. It’s phenomenal. It’s also very funny stuff.

Here are three of my favorites:

Goth Dance Party

How they got the music to match the rhythm of their dancing, I don’t know. But this video is better than the original. It’s more entertaining. That’s for sure. It’s a very energetic dance style that appears to actually have moves. It’s not just thrown together like they’re making it all up on the spot. I’m actually really impressed.

This Dancing Is A Bit More Serious Here

This one begins really seriously. It’s like they’re having a meeting and they are about to address something very important. But then, they start dancing. It’s actually pretty good. But the change of music brings this one home. That’s when it becomes outrageous.

For A Change Of Pace, How About Rave Dancing

And now for something totally random. These raveres had no idea they would one day become an internet sensation. Their dancing was honest and it doesn’t get any better than that. But along comes someone, always someone. They have a sense of humor and the whole thing is about to change.

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