Find Out Why This Officer Made A Lady Sit In Her Hot Car While He Wrote A Ticket

This lady was absolutely ridiculous and she had no idea just how much! First of all, she left her dog in the car while she was in the store. How many times do we have to hear about babies and animals being left in the car and it not taking long for them to die?

But, that’s not the end of the story. She says that she only left her dog in the car for about ten minutes. No big deal!

She tries to laugh it off and act like it’s nothing while talking to the officer. So, the officer treats her to some really special treatment. He tells her to sit in the car while he wrote the ticket. This is where it gets good.

She wrote a television station and told them her story. She said the officer was being abusive for making her sit in the hot car while he wrote the ticket. But, the stupidity doesn’t end there!

Remember, she asked the network to look into it! Well, they did. They found out that the officer had a lapel camera and he recorded the entire incident. Basically, this lady thought the treatment that she put her dog through was abusive when the officer put her through it. But then, she complained about it like she was entitled.

It’s people like this lady right here. There are hardly the perfect words to describe. They make life for everyone else miserable while they expect everyone to convenience them.

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