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Facebook Covers Photos For Its Own Agenda, Uh Discretion

Warning: The third picture in this article is hard to unsee. View at your own risk!

Facebook’s policies are pretty clear about sexual and violent images being shared on its social platform. Some people go to Facebook jail for their posts. Others think it’s funny and keep going back to Facebook jail almost as soon as they get out of it.

The pictures themselves are what I find interesting at this point. I don’t think the Facebook popo are actually trying to protect innocent eyes from anything sexual or violent they may not want to see. I think it’s all just a matter of preference and it comes down to what they believe, what they think is right, and not what actually is or what violates a documented set of criteria. Want proof?

The other day, I was scrolling through my feed and I came across a covered photo:

When I uncovered it, this is what I saw:

  • A lady crying over a deceased soldier
  • A soldier in a wheelchair
  • A cemetery
  • A flag

I have no idea why either one of those things would be offensive to anyone. Who was just shocked by either one of those images?

But then,

A few days later, I’m scrolling through my feed again and I come across this photo that was not covered and it didn’t have a warning:

Warning: Very Graphic!

To me, this photo is hard to look at because of the baby being impaled like that. It’s an image that won’t go away, but that was fine to the almighty Facebook censors. What is their criteria? What do they base it on?

It’s definitely a bias system. They censor what they want to censor and that’s a shame for a platform that has greater than a third of the world’s population on it every day. It’s a great place for a free exchange of ideas, but the Facebook popo gets to play it very loose with what they consider against Facebook policy and what they feel they need to protect YOU from.

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