Esmin Green and Today’s Apathy

Esmin Green was seated in the waiting room of the psychiatric ward at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. Twenty Three (23) hours later this is the scene:

That’s right! 23 hours later, she’s still in the waiting room. Falls over. Dies…right there, in the hospital. In a hospital!

Esmin Green. 49. Survived by 8 children.

Look at the one security guard standing there with his hand on his hip as if he is being inconvenienced.

And another scene of today’s great apathy. Watch this video!

Yes. He was hit. And no one did a thing. The car speeds off, turns the corner and is gone…no hesitation. No regrets.


“Therefore I praised the dead who have been long dead more than the living who are yet alive. Yes, better than them both is him who has not yet been, who has not seen the evil work that is done under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 4:2-3

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