Do’s and Don’ts of the NDAA Indefinite Detention Bill

NDAA Indefinite DetentionWritten into law in a manner befitting lawyers, the NDAA Indefinite Detention Bill gives the Department of Defense the legal right to detain American citizens for what they determine to be terrorist suspects. Your connection with the Taliban or al-Qaeda will definitely get you detained quicker than urinating on a police officer’s car. But there is also something known as Associated Forces and of course, as lawyers always do, there is the gray area, the fine line and law ambiguity.

Even when this law was challenged with reasonable questions, the geniuses who wrote it and the politicians who defended it had no answers, or at least none that could be made clear. It really is unbelievable how we have let our government get to the point where they don’t have to provide us with answers any more. We ask a question. They hem and haw, they are vague, and they beat around the bush. Yet for some reason, that has become acceptable to us and we let it go.

In the midst of all the confusion, I have done my research to find the list of do’s and don’ts to keep yourself safe from being detained under suspicion of being a terrorist:

– Make sure you know who you are giving your money to, their ties and who they support. Your money could possibly be funneled to the Al Qeada or any of its Associated Forces, of which the Obama Administration does not know how to define. Associated Forces could be defined as anyone with any connection whatsoever. So with the Six Degrees logic, you’re already a suspect because you shopped at Walmart the other day. Be careful! The guys in black suits just might be on their way.

– Don’t write a book or express your opinion in public format saying that you agree with terrorist efforts or are sympathetic to them in any way. I would venture to say they won’t like that. But also, try not to write anything that is anti-government. You could be viewed as a hostile and detained for an indeterminate amount of time.

– Do not organize a demonstration. Your actions or the actions of anyone in your party could be linked to Associated Forces. Also, this could be seen as a hostile act against the government and you’ll be sent to Guantanamo Bay, a place that was supposed to be closed under the Obama Administration.

– Don’t help a friend. If they are traveling abroad and need money to get home, you might want to rethink sending them any. If they are connected with Associated Forces, you are suspect even though you unwittingly helped. So, that goes with helping anyone really because your next door neighbor could be connected to the Associated Forces.

– Don’t offer assistance to the US Military. If your assistance is intercepted by the Taliban and then recovered by the U.S., you will be under suspicion of actually giving assistance to the Taliban. I know it seems twisted. But if they get their hands on your chocolate chip cookies, you are actually feeding them. So, just don’t do it!

– Don’t plan a terrorist attack. Don’t do anything that would make you look suspicious of planning a terrorist attack. Buying duct tape and a few kitchen supplies will make you look like you’re trying to construct something in your garage for the purpose of creating mass destruction.

– Don’t interview a member of the Taliban. Actually, don’t talk to anyone who is, “A person who was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or Associated Forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners.” Your actions could be defined as supporting terrorist activities if you interview anyone for the purpose of writing an article about them.

So, you can’t investigate anyone for fear of finding out they are connected to the Taliban. That’s like getting your hands dirty while trying to figure out how to keep them clean.

It seems the government has the lock on who they can and will arrest. They simply make a reason fit and then throw a person in jail indefinitely.There are people who are scared of the terrorists. They will give up anything just to have to live without fear. They literally will give up their right to free speech, their right to bear arms, their right to protect themselves and their home from illegal search and seizure. The list goes on and on indefinitely…

What happens when you support the Indefinite Detention Bill and then find out that you’re a suspect? I once said that a law abiding citizen can’t stand still. If you do, you’ll find the law change around you until you then become the criminal.

I hope the scared people in this country are happy now, our Constitution just got shredded because the terrorists have won in your pathetic heart. If I come up missing, tell my mom I love her.

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