Dominican Newspaper Uses Wrong Donald Trump Photo

Alec Baldwin probably woke up this morning and had the best laugh he’s been able to have in a long time. His Donald Trump impersonation is recognized worldwide now. It appears that an imagine of him was used instead of an image of the actual Donald Trump when a Dominican newspaper ran a story about Donald Trump.

No? He didn’t find it funny? That’s too bad.

I bet he did though. I think he was drinking a cup of coffee and snapped open the paper to find the story. He might have spit out his coffee. He might have pounded his fist. But, I bet he laughed with a hardy laugh and it just made his day.

Of course, the fact that Alec Baldwin can do Donald Trump so well is because of his hatred for the man. I don’t know if he actually hates Trump or was just really not into watching him become president. Maybe they had a tiff before Trump decided to even run.

He didn’t get a free room when he stayed at one of his many hotels throughout the world. Donald Trump left Alec Baldwin with the ticket when they had dinner together one time. Maybe Trump took Baldwin’s tee time one day. Who knows what’s really going on between them? But, it doesn’t look like Baldwin has too much appreciate for the president.

That’s why this probably made his day!

The Wrong Trump

wrong trump picture

It might be a major faux pas on the part of the Dominican newspaper. But, can you really blame them? Here’s the guy they got him confused with…

Alec Baldwin Doing Donald Trump

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