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Dolly Parton At 76 Looks Great In Her Birthday Suit

Dolly Parton just turned 76 years old. That is a great landmark that she has passed. That’s over three-quarters of a century and she does not look her age at all.

Here is the proof:

There are plenty of 76-year-old ladies in this world and they don’t look anything like Dolly Parton. My grandmother used to wear a moo moo and the most unflattering shoes. What did she care? She was married with two grown sons and her working days were over. She got up and cooked breakfast. Then, she started on dinner. Lunch was what you found in the refrigerator that you could make into a meal.

I loved her, dearly and that’s the way it was for most grandmothers when I was growing up. But Dolly Parton is made of completely different stuff. Not only has she been able to keep her youthful looks over the years, but she has always kept that youthful spirit as well. She knows what she’s doing and she has managed her career very well, even when people thought she was just a dumb blonde who could sing. In fact, she joked about it with Barbara Walters during an interview.

Dolly Parton Handles Barbara Walters

She took those hard questions and turned every one of them around. But don’t forget that quote toward the end, “I know they make fun of me. But actually, after all these years people have thought the joke was on me. But it’s actually been on the public. I know exactly what I’m doing and I can change it at any time.”

She didn’t let Barbara’s questions get to her. This is Dolly Parton at her best, in control and not letting anyone take that away from her. And the greatest thing about her is how charitable she is.

  • In 2016, she gave $1,000 a month to families displaced by a wildfire.
  • In the 1980s, Dolly Parton started the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library where enrolled kids get a book every month until the age they are five. In 2018, she was recognized for having given kids a hundred million books over the years.
  • In 1990, she donated a million dollars to a children’s hospital.

Trust me when I say, that merely scratches the surface. She is a very charitable lady who keeps giving every time she sees a need. Her smile and soft words have effectively changed the lives of millions of people and if you ever leave a legacy behind, that’s what you want people to say about you.

Happy Birthday, Dolly Parton! I will always love you!

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