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Does A Real Superhero Exist? This Footage Suggests So…

I have been fascinated with superhero movies, comic books, and everything else since I was a wee little boy. I even had superhero underoos that made me feel like Superman. Remember those?

I’d put them on and try to fly around the house. I went outside and acted like I was beating up villains and saving the pretty girl. But, that was when I was a kid…

I grew up eventually. It took longer than normal. Some might even say I’m not quite there yet. Others might say I’ll never get there. But, enough about my family.

These days, I’m fascinated with superhero movies for a totally different reason. As a writer, I love watching the graphics. I’ve seen it evolve over the years from UFOs being held up in the air with a string that you could clearly see and you knew what it was to software that makes a flying man look like he’s really flying.

At first, it seemed like only the big production studios had that software. But eventually, I started to see some amazing graphics in videos that were made by a kid in high school. Some of them are as young as elementary doing more than I could ever imagine with a camera and a laptop. These are some amazing kids.

That’s why I’m questioning some of the footage in this video. It’s awesome. It looks great. If it is real, I’m amazed and if it’s not, I’m equally amazed. Because if it’s not real, it is flawless. The work of a genius and either way, I have nothing negative to say about it. I’ve either been duped or I have to rethink all of my life’s decisions because if people like this are really out there, I want to know how they’re doing what they’re doing.

How do I get these powers?

Humans With Superpowers Doing Superhero Things

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