Disabled Man Drowns While Teens Video And Laugh

Jamel Dunn waded out into the pond. He was a disabled man and somehow, he got in a little too deep. Out there drowning and screaming for help, he could see people on the bank.

They were there alright. They heard him too. In fact, they were recording him and everyone knew he was drowning. In fact, they said it themselves.

But, they would not lift one finger to help him. Of course, Florida law doesn’t require them to and this was in Cocoa, Florida. So, the teens had no requirement to step in the water and put their own lives in danger.

Trust me! Saving a person”s life when they’re drowning can get dangerous. They flail their arms and they can hit a person trying to save them. They try to grab people who are trying to save them. So, you have to know what you’re doing when you enter the water to try to save someone from drowning.

So, the state laws can’t compel them to save the guy. But, they did nothing. They didn’t even call 911, which might not have worked. It might have taken too long to respond. But, at least it’s trying something.

The thing is that it gets worse than that. Not only did they not do anything themselves nor did they try to get someone else to help, but they laughed and mocked the guy.

They even laughed when he went under for the last time. “He just drowned,” you can hear one guy say as he giggles. Here this guy is frightened out of his mind and needing help, but he has absolutely no one. Five people are watching him go under and he has absolutely no one.

Not only do they not care, but that was their entertainment for the day. Sometimes, this world can really be disappointing. It’s at times like this that it hits me the most.

Even though I believe in people, always have and always will, this is one of those moments that makes my heart sink. When a guy can be drowning while teens video and mock him until he goes under, it leaves a hole in my chest. It’s not behavior that can be explained and it can’t be the direction the world is going.

Warning: This Video Actually Shows Death Occurring

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