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Did ‘The Deeper Dark’ Leap Past Current Technology?

If you read The Deeper Dark by Michael Allen, you know it took readers on a wild ride. It started with bad hackers trying to ruin a man’s life and good hackers stepping in to have a little fun of their own. Then, it went on an actual wild ride up Florida highways, through Louisiana, and off to the middle of nowhere. But the one question that has been burning in readers’ minds is how far was the truth stretched when it came to current technology?

There is one part in particular when a hacker accesses Lara’s phone and downloads GPS software to track the girl as she is being trafficked across several states. Yes, there were hackers on Haven’s side and he found that out the hard way. His daughter had to be kidnapped before he realized he had friends dwelling in the “Dark Web.”

Is that possible? Is it possible to reach into a device and install software to track its whereabouts?

It’s interesting that readers are asking that question with all the other questionable technology in the novel. But, let’s go with this one. There are several stories that can inform us if it’s possible or not.

First of all, I believe it’s common knowledge that there are hackers who are no longer allowed around computers or any device that can access the internet because they’ve hacked sites such as NASA, the Pentagon, and even the CIA. Some hackers were recruited by the FBI to assist in cybersecurity measures while others served time in prison and it’s now illegal for them to even touch a computer.

Moving forward, it’s a very real thing that hackers can get inside devices that are connected to the web. One lady reported receiving an email from a hacker who had taken the picture from the camera on her television. That’s how some celebrities have been bribed. Whatever they were doing in their bedroom with the Smart TV on in the background was recorded and used against them for financial gain.

That’s Where We Are With Current Technology

If a hacker can access a device that’s online and use apps that are on it, it’s not unfathomable that he can install software as well. The only issue in the scene is how the hacker manipulated the phone so that he could turn the volume down to install the software, then put the device to sleep so that the GPS tracker would work without detection.

It still has a lot of naysayers scratching their heads. But if they knew anything about hacking, they would know it’s entirely possible. After learning that hackers can get into some of the most secure places in the world and even take pictures from a Small TV, there shouldn’t be any further skepticism.

If a hacker group can compromise a pipeline and get paid handsomely within hours, what’s so hard to believe about the phone scene? Seriously! It makes me think about the scene in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw where Hobbs is holding a helicopter down with a chain while standing on the back of a truck.

The hacker in Ocean’s Eleven hacks a casino’s entire surveillance system to watch the vault and movements on the floor so that he can warn the others. The hacker in Leverage can open doors, change street lights, and remotely drive a villain’s car right up to the police. But a hack on a cellphone is too hard to believe?

What other technology do you find hard to believe in The Deeper Dark?

What Do You Think?

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