Cop Takes Frisking To A Whole New Level. . .On The Hood Of The Car

This cop loves his traffic stops, a little too much! Caught with his pants down and the girl up on the hood of the car, I wonder if she had the right to remain silence.

The story just broke and the investigation is underway. We all know what that means. They are going to investigate what they already know to determine if they know what they think they know. Then, they’ll find a way to put a swing on it.

That’s what investigation actually means by the way, “We’re putting our best writers on it so that we know what to say to you in public!”

having sexSo, imagine the scenario. He pulls the girl over and she doesn’t want a ticket. She gives him an offer he can’t refuse and she’s able to rip the ticket up by pulling her panties down.

Hey, use what you got right?

Here’s another scenario for you. This guy thinks he’s working security for some frat house. He either knows the girl or the girl might even be his girlfriend. So, rather than wait until he’s off. He decides while he’s on the clock, he would go ahead and get off then.

I wonder though, how many times has he written tickets or arrested someone for some small infraction that he just couldn’t let go? For shame, for shame. . .

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