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Cop Balls Like A Baby As He Gets Sentenced For What He Did To 13 Ladies

It’s the best thing you’ll watch all day. Not all cops are bad. But, the bad ones are enough to make people sick.

They think they are above the law and that no one can touch them. So, they abuse their power and do unthinkable things. Some have been known to get away with murder. Some have sent people down the road for crimes they didn’t commit, and they knew it.

But, this guy was raping women. He was forcing them to have sex with him and then threatening them if they talked. He thought he had it on lock. But, somehow it caught up to him. Watch what happens to him as he gets what he deserves.

The judge starts reading the verdicts and as he is found guilty for different crimes that were listed, the years just keep racking up. He starts crying like all of a sudden it hit him. He didn’t give his victims a chance. Now, the judge is not giving him a chance. The years add up to over 200. He’s going to have a long time to think about how big of a douche he was.

He’s going to love prison. We all know how inmates love officers. Say hi to Bubba. It will make your prison rape a little less brutal.

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