This School Teaching Common Core Math Couldn’t Use It Themselves

This made the biggest statement ever about common core math. The thing is that it proved the teachers teaching common core can’t even apply it in real world applications themselves. CHECK this out! You’ll get the inside joke in a minute.

It’s been frustrating for plenty of parents. Schools have been teaching common core math regardless of parent protest. For one thing, parents learned a very logical math when they went to school. Most problems are solved in just a few seconds.

But, common core takes the long way around and parents are finding it hard to help their children with their homework. Even the schools are finding it hard to teach. Don’t worry though. When the students fail, the schools just lower the standards. That’s how we get around everything.

Here’s an example of a student-teacher interaction concerning common core math…

He’s Right About That

8 5 10
So instead of just adding the numbers, you take numbers out of one number, add the two numbers, and then put the number back in that you took out in the first step. That’s a whole bunch of extra nothing to come up with an answer most of us can do in our heads when we add the right way.

Here’s a frustrated parent who took it upon himself to try to make sense to the teacher…

The Term ‘Termination’ Strikes A Chord

electrical engineer
But of course, the teacher probably read the note and tucked it away. The truth hurts. Hide it under a rock and hope that it never comes back up.

But, this one absolutely rocks! You have to love when a parent uses the frustration against the school. A donation made to the school was written out using common core math. The school didn’t know how to use the check. They had no idea what to do with it and they teach this stuff. Maybe they should take a step back and think about that. Why are they teaching something they don’t know how to apply themselves?

A Donation To The School


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