Clay Duke Shoots at Board Members


I will never advocate such actions as Clay Duke took when he entered the Panama City Board of Education meeting and took fire at the members.  But, it is a real eye opener that shows just how desperate some people are getting.

People in power are getting callous, or have been callous for some time.  People in power often destroy other people’s lives with their decisions and they act as if it’s a part of life, no big deal.  To that person whose life is being destroyed, it is a big deal.

When a company releases a harmful product, they calculate the damages before they issue a recall.  That means that they actually calculate if their product could result in death, and if so how many deaths.  But, they don’t necessarily recall the product based on the fact that someone could die.  They recall the product based on an unacceptable level of deaths, as if there is an acceptable level.

When a company lays people off, it’s to save the company.  They lay people off so that they can save their jobs and their bottom lines.  Rather than find other ways to cut costs and save money, a certain amount of people lose their jobs.  An entire family might depend on that one person’s job and all of a sudden, one day it’s gone.  But, they’re fat and happy at the top.

When a person is at a point where they need their insurance to pay what it promised in the policy, they get automatically denied.  Insurance companies want to see if you’ll just go away.  Give up.  Quit bothering them with your claims.  Even when they know you need the money and that you deserve it, they automatically deny your claim.  Sometimes, it takes years to get out of the insurance company what was due.  People have died in that time.

Trying to sue someone for damages can take years for you to get your time.  You might need it now or you’ll lose your car, your house, your utilities…etc.  But it can take years to get the damages due you, especially when the lawyer representing your opponent is playing games with the system and delaying by any means possible.  You need your money because it’s your life.  But, it’s a game to everyone else.

The government can reach into your pocket and take your money right now.  But, you might have to wait a few years to recoup your losses when the government makes a mistake.

You can be falsely arrested and your bail can be set extremely high.  But, it could take a few years for you to be free.  Some cops make arrests without asking any questions and just let the court system straighten everything  out.  That’s you getting arrested.  That’s your life getting wasted.  By the time you finally go to court, the cop doesn’t even remember you.  He’s had a good couple of years.  He might have taken his family on vacation, or added a child, bought a house or a motorcycle, while you have been wasting away in a six by six concrete cell.  You lost your job.  Your wife left you.  Your kids are growing.

The list goes on and on with what the common man is up against when it comes to facing walls of power.  People in the powerful positions think all these things I’ve just listed are civil.  The rules are set.  Play by the rules.  But, those same people in powerful positions refuse to live by those same rules.

People get hurt and the powerful call it civil.  Lives get destroyed and the powerful call it civil.  The world gets worse every time someone screws someone else over, but the powerful call it civil.  Rules, laws, regulations are in place to keep the common man in line.  But, those rules, laws and regulations have the ability to ruin our lives while those rules, laws and regulations don’t apply to the people in charge.  We are getting frustrated.  We have no remedy.

Clay Duke walks into a Board of Education meeting and takes fire.  Quite frankly, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

Note: Start treating people like they’re people OR invest in a bulletproof vest.

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