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Chucky Abduction Of Glen Amber Alert Issued In Texas Over The Weekend

Update: Glen is safe and sound!

chucky glen amber alert

Actually, it was issued on the 29th after Glen had been missing all day on the 28th. The first suspect anyone could think of was Chucky, his father. The motivation for the abduction isn’t quite clear yet, but I can venture a guess.

After Glen raised his mother and father from the dead, there were issues from the start. Tiffany thought their child was a little girl and named her Glenda. But Chucky thought their child was a boy and named him Glen. Of course, we all know that Glenda dwells inside of Glen and comes out when needed, like when the detective who witnessed Glen’s birth needed to be eliminated. Glenda did that because Glen doesn’t believe in killing.

This difference that they have has struck a particular chord with Chucky. Of course, Tiffany and Chucky did swear off killing people because Glen was against it. But that didn’t last long with Chucky. He was soon out there killing again like a fat man breaking his diet. The lovely family unit they once shared was ripped apart and soon, Chucky found himself being pushed away more and more as Tiffany and Glen grew closer together.

chucky glen tiffany

The build-up of tension led Chucky to make a drastic decision. But Glen has reported that he never felt his life was in danger. Chucky actually took Glen on amusement park rides and treated him to his favorite fast foods. Of course, Chucky got an earful from Tiffany when Glen was finally returned home safely.

Sources say Chucky will have to attend parenting classes to learn to cope with a child who doesn’t have the will to kill. But other than that, Tiffany is onboard with the family unit being back together and moving on with their lives as quickly as possible.

P.S. An official Amber Alert was issued in Texas for Glen. Chucky was reported as the suspect. How it happened, a clear answer hasn’t really been given. It appears that a test alert was being done and it may have happened that a prank somehow officially went out to the citizens of Texas, which had many of them scratching their heads.

No seriously, a real Amber Alert was issued.

Yes, I’m serious.

No, I’m not lying.

If you don’t believe me, then I don’t know what to say.

Well then, I don’t know what to say.

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