Chicken…It’s a Love Affair

ChickenI didn’t realize this until I was home. But earlier today when grocery shopping, I was there to pick out the drumsticks I like. I bake them in the oven and then pull a few for a salad, or make a plate later on in the day with a side of rice. So, I was actually finished shopping at that point.

But, I like to pick out some fun foods. It’s good to have a few snacks on hand when you’re hungry and you don’t want to get too involved. So, I looked around and I am dead serious when I tell you that I picked out Buffalo Chicken Strips and Orange Chicken. Then, no lie again when I say on my way to the checkout, I stopped by the soups and grabbed some Chicken Noodle.

What is that? I don’t know!

I think I would seriously be in heaven if I had some chicken flavoring to sprinkle on my chicken before I dipped it in my chicken sauce, then ate it with a side of chicken.

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A River in the Ocean

Michael Allen A River in the Ocean
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A River in The Ocean is the story of a father and a daughter who get separated by a tragic accident. The father wakes up from a coma unaware he has a daughter while she has been raised for years by an odd couple who have great intentions, but no idea what they are doing. He begins to feel something is missing in his life while she begins to feel she is out of place. He didn’t know he was looking and she didn’t know she needed found.

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