Burning the Koran on September 11 is Exactly the Opposite of Christian Behavior

At first, I had no idea where Pastor Jones was coming from when he decided to burn the Koran on September 11. He said he was protesting radical Islam. But, it seems his motivations were actually connected to the plans to put a Mosque near Ground Zero.

What’s wrong with this picture? First of all, the Mosque near Ground Zero has nothing to do with radical Islam. Muslims who would worship there would most likely be American for one. And two, Muslims lost their lives when the World Trade Center was attacked. So, how does burning a Koran have anything to do with placing a Mosque at Ground Zero?

It’s actually a hateful act that doesn’t have an ounce of Christianity in it. It would incite violence all over the world and put innocent people’s lives in danger. Of course, as Americans we are worried about our troops. But, even civilian lives would be threatened. How in the world is that Christian? Pastor Jones has a serious learning disorder that needs to be checked immediately because he is not clearly thinking this through.

But, the Muslims responded. In negotiations that seemed to be going good, the Muslims agreed to locate their Mosque elsewhere and Pastor Jones agreed to put a halt to burning the Koran. I thought the negotiations had worked. Pastor Jones wasn’t even going to be in Florida on September 11. He made plans to take a trip to New York.

But then, it seems he changed his mind again. What does he want? Did the Muslims change their minds to make him change his? Or is Pastor Jones just literally brain dead? I cannot wrap my brain around what is going on in Gainesville. But, Pastor Jones needs to get off of this trip he’s on, slow down on the heroine and get his head back into his church.

If he insists on burning a Koran, he will have blood on his hands. What will happen will be his fault and he has no idea of the scope of problems we would all face. In the midst of a fuel drenched world, Pastor Jones would literally be lighting the match. I believe he should be arrested and brought up on charges equal to those of Saddam Hussein.

He might just be burning a religious book, but that is literally like pulling the trigger. Harming the lives of innocent people is worthy of criminal charges. Endangering people who only want to live peaceful lives is worthy of prison time. We don’t hang. But for Pastor Jones, I wish we did.


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By the way, we see Koran and Quran splashed all over the media.  Can we get a consistent spelling on it?  I don’t care which.  Just pick one.

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