Bully Picks On The Wrong Girl

The real deal about bullies is that they aren’t as tough as they think they are. They become bullies in different ways.

Either they get picked on at home, so they pick on kids at school or they get neglected at home and starve for the attention at school. Don’t get me wrong. Those aren’t the only two ways. Jerk can pass it down to jerk and raise a child the same jerk way he is.

But, sometimes all bullies need is to be understood. The thing about that is they first need punched in the face. They need to be taken down a notch or two before they can begin to realize how big of a jerk they’ve been and that they need to stop.

In comes this awesome ninja! Watch her put one jerk face in his place…

Watch Bully Get Body Slammed

To the girl who chased after her when the teacher yelled, shame on you. Let the girl go. She was defending herself and she deserves to walk away free!

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