when you miss me


When a father noticed the look in his daughter’s eye the day her mother came to get her after a weekend together, he knew there was a sense of loss and loneliness. She loved both of her parents and she didn’t understand why things had changed. That was when he decided to create something for her that not only would she be able to hold dear to her heart, but she would also find a way to hold him dear when they were no longer together.


This is the perfect gift for any child who is missing a loved one. Whether you are the parents of divorce or one of you is in the military while your child is missing you at home, When You Miss Me helps the little heart through those tough times when they feel alone.


With actual activities your child can try, they can work through those lonely times and it begins to make them feel better. Plus, there is a very special DIY activity at the end of the story you and your child can do together to make a book of your own.



“I purchased this book as I recently became divorced and one of my daughters went to live with her dad. I gave this to her as a parting gift and its a wonderful reminder of how our relationship has become not distant but stronger because of it.

“The little messages are lovely reminders of how much we love each other and although we do not see each other every day, this is something she can pick up if she is missing me,to remember that although we are apart she is always in my heart. The little suggestions in the book have been carried out many times for us and I am sure we will do them many times in the future.

“I want to thank this author for writing such a lovely book and for reminding my daughter that although we are not always together in body we are in spirit.

“This is wonderfully written and illustrated and will warm the heart of any reader. Every divorced/separated or absent parent should buy this book. Your child will love it and so will you!” Harriet


“Typically, I write reviews on adult novels in the horror genre, so bear with me as I try something different. I was given this book as a gift for my kids and I looked through it myself. I was touched by the sweet message it passes along to those who are separated from their children and children who are separated from their parents. It speaks of the simple things a child can do to remember their parent and keep them close to their heart even if they are gone for an extended period of time.

“This book is not complex or overly thought out. Instead, it is a simple way for children to think of ways to keep their connections to a missed love one strong. The author follows up the brief tale with a few suggestions on projects a child can do to actively continue to connect with the person they miss.

“Sometimes, the simple messages are the best ones, and this book provides a simple, sweet message for anyone that is dealing with separation.” Patrick S. Dorazio


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Michael Allen When You Miss Me